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out for you. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: first the democrats sought to blame the gop for the fierce opposition to their health care bill. this time trying to score points off the anniversary of the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. former president clinton has been doing deep thinking on the subject. let's take a look. >> when i went back and preparing for the 15th anniversary of oklahoma city. i realized there were a lot of parallels between the early 90s and now. identity politics, the rise of the militia movements and right wing talk radio a lot of going on in the blogs now. >> sean: you can trace the evil back to right wing blogs and talk radio. he didn't stop there. he went on to attack gop politicians and draw a direct
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link between them and the oklahoma city bomber himself. >> a lot of the things that have been said, they create a climate in which people who are vulnerable to violence, because they are disoriented, like timothy mcveigh was, are more likely to act. we shouldn't demonize the government or public employees or elected officials. we can disagree, harshly criticize. when we turn them into an object of none -- demonization you increase the number of threats. >> sean: is the democratic party so disparate it has to bring back scare tactics. dick morris is here. i'll get into this congresswoman michelle bachmann who has been particularly targeted by the democrats. i'll get into this with her. he pardoned people we have on video making bombs. faln terrorist. he sat silently with the relationship with bill ayers
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and wright. >> let's understand what was timothy mcveigh's motivation? god knows what was going on in that crazy head of his. there's some speculation and he himself said, that it was the reaction to the waco takeover. bill clinton orchestrated that takeover. in fact, was so ashamed about what he did in waco, he was not going to appoint janet reno to a second four year term. she told him a meeting before the inauguration day for his new term if you don't appoint me i'm going to tell the truth about waco. that forced clinton's hand in reappointing her. >> sean: i don't remember you telling this story before. >> it has never been said before. i think president clinton might want to examine his own connection with the oklahoma city bombing in terms of waco before he starts accusing people in walkers and wheelchairs trying to keep their medicare of become provocateurs. >> sean: what was the truth about waco that reno
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threatened? >> i have no idea but clinton told me i could not appointed reno because she would have turned on me over waco. >> sean: what do you make of -- obviously this has become the new talking point of the democrats. they are trying toj! marginalize every single conservative effective conservative voice. i have my own theory, i think it is because a lot of people have come to the conclusion that conservatives like sean hannity, rush limbaugh, people like yourself, were right about barack obama being radical. and that narrative has stuck. now they need to fight back. >> we're winning. it's if the election were held today we would take the house and senate. it's they see their numbers crashing. their only hope is to try to identify these people in wheelchairs and walkers who are protesting their medicare being cut with timothy mcveigh saying they are fanning an atmosphere of violence. >> sean: this tactic obviously strategy works? >> no. it is deliberate when former
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president says it and democratic congressman says it on capitol hill on the same day -- >> sean: okay. what would you suggest to the people that under attack? it is really the american people, people -- look, i don't think it is any more complicated than this. people are afraid of what is happening in the afraid of record debt. >> they are also scared, this is the point we make in our book 2010. they are afraid of government completely taking over the economy. just look at it, they are going to -- trying to take over health care, 16%. they're taking over the banks with this financial regulation bill that says they can seize anything any time they want for any reason. then they want to take over the manufacturing sector and utility sector with cap and tax. put that together and you are talking about the totality of the american economy. >> sean: it is interesting, you watch this mortgage -- the whole banking issue debated. of course chris dodd up to his
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the obama administration in particular f you look at the numbers, i got 'em here in front of me, is obama going to tainted goldman sachs donation -- >> goldman sachs was his largest donors other than professors at the university of california. let me say this about the in 2010 we reveal there will be a new housing crisis, caused by subprime loans, being made by obama's fha. the fha has dispatched s.w.a.t. teams they call them, to banks to try to expedite subprime mortgage lending to low income people. precisely the same thing that caused this crisis if you want to read about the new subprime crisis look under fha in our book. >> sean: you think there's a winning strategy out there. i'm one of these guys, i don't like to count your chickens before they hatch.
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i think there is any one or two events that could happen that could change this election on a dime. i don't think republicans should get overconfident. like any election you have to work like crazy. you layout a prime strategy, -- >> i used to work for the other side. democrats understand that people mostly agree with republicans on the major issues. >> sean: center right country. >> they are always trying to make the election about the individual not the policy. they are trying to say oh you can vote republican but not for this guy. oh he's a tax cheat. oh, he exploits his workers. he doesn't pay his taxes. they are trying to differentiate themselves from the democratic party and opponents from the republican party one positively, the other negatively. the key to this election is to make clear to the american people what they already though, which is that members of congress are about as independently-minded as members of the electoral
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college. they get elected pledge to obama they vote for obama they get elected pledged to pelosi they vote for pillows. >> to say these congressmen and senators have any kind of freedom of thought is ridiculous. look on health care if they needed 60 votes, they 60 votes. >> sean: the poll came out says general public wants government reform and government's power curtailed. it is at the highest level since ronald reagan was president. the approval rating of congress is at the lowest left in 50 years. obviously, the opportunity exists. why do the democrats think they just lost a messaging war versus it is their policies -- >> because they have finally had the opportunity to enact what they wanted to enact for 60 years. they can't believe that it is not working. >> sean: they can't believe the people have rejected it? >> exactly >> sean: congrats on the book. dick morris.
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quick break. congresswoman michelle bachmann, coming up. >> when members of congress compare health care legislation to government tyranny, it is like pouring gas on the fire of extremism. >> sean: democrat accuses republicans of encouraging extremism. tonight congresswoman michelle bachmann responds. the anointed one shatters the record for the most rounds of golf played by an american president. all of that, plus author chris horner exposes the president's policies that are bankrupting america. i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at.
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women should not take or handle avodart... due to risk of a specific birth defect. today's the day to talk to your doctor... about your urinary symptoms and find out... if avodart is right for you. >> sean: i have finally found one thing i like about the health care bill. congress may be fined millions a year because the bill kicks current members and their staffs off their health care plans. if congress is subject to the $3,000 per employee fine imposed by the bill, it will be shelling out 50 million dollars each year to the federal government. i guess you call that the silver lining in this very dark cloud. more hannity, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] bobby sincir. [ bobby ] trugreen did it again! yo, kev, tell them about trunatural.
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>> sean: bill clinton was not the own one drawing parallels between the gop and the oklahoma city bombing. democratic congressman betty mccollum chastised her republican colleagues on the house floor. >> when members of congress compare health care legislation to government tyranny, socialism or total tear imin the hopes of scoring political points it is like pouring gas on the fire of extreme. >> . i don't want another oklahoma city to ever take place again. as we will not give aid and comfort to al-qaeda let us not allow the words of elected leaders to give excuses to extremists bent on violence. >> sean: democrats asked the
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republicans to shut up. joining me is one of those pesky republicans she was probably talking about congresswoman bachmann. you can't be critical. you can't say socialism. i thought was the highest form of patriotism when the criticism was aimed at george w. bush. something has happened, i must have missed. what happened? >> apparently it is hate speech when it is on the right and not when it is on the left -- on the left. go figure where that comes from the main thing is the government takeover of private induce one sector after another. the worst is this new financial regulation bill where the federal government wants to decide who will get credit in the future of the united states. what a bank teller in illinois will make and give permanent bailout authority to the federal government and bypass
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congress that is the federal government coming in in a thuggish way, if you will and taking over the boardrooms of private industry. this is what makes people unsure about their government right now. >> sean: i think a lot of people are raising legitimate questions about the debt. about the deficits. about a weakening of our national security. abouti, a lack of moral clarity in the war on terror. these are legitimate questions. there seems to be a coordinated effort to intimidate, silence and demonize any critic of this administration, this house of representatives, this leadership. you in particular have been singled out. i want to know what do you think is behind this from your perspective? >> well, one word we've heard a lot in this last week "violence." when people on the right are disagreeing with the obama
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administration we are fomenting violence. i think violence is when the democrat-controlled base whether president obama, harry reid or speaker pelosi, when they feel like their political position of power is being attacked, that's what they equate violence with. as a matter of fact, the first amendment was written specifically to guarantee freedom of political speech. people have the right to get their government, especially when they see these unprecedented action that are taken by this president putting us in greater debt than we've ever seen, increasing taxes to a level that we haven't seen before, at least what they are talking about increasing taxes to. and this unprecedented level of the government taking over private banks, car companies, insurance companies, the federal government owning all of half of all home mortgages taking over student loan industry, health care. of course people are reacting. >> sean: this is what is
9:16 pm
troublesome to me, the people that are now accusing any conservative critic of this incendiary language they were noticeably silent -- we have a video of faln terrorists that bill clinton eventually pardoned making bombs on video, he gave them a pardon. little interest in the relationship between barack obama the candidate and this unrepentant terrorist bill ayers. there seems to be a double standard. i guess what i'm trying to get an answer to this question do you think is a coordinate attack -- the echo chamber of the democratic party -- do you think is cord kated by all people on the left? it appears they are all singing from the same hymnal. >> they are. they used the identical language. they are talking about a war of words. they specifically identified rush limbaugh and glenn beck and sarah palin and they were,
9:17 pm
as you said singing off the same hymnal. whoever they see as an vehiclive voice that's who they attack. the bigger issue in all of this is what is happening in washington? what is the government doing under the obama administration this is serious. when you have the obama administration, for instance in this new financial control bill, financial services, suggesting that the federal government should decide who gets credit in the future having permanent bailout authority in the future. people are opposed to this. they want to ram this bill through, just like they rammed through health care. the american people are saying no dice, we don't want to play in game any more. >> sean: thing i find most interesting in the "wall street journal" today you have the president of the pew research center the general public wants government reform and its power curtailed. what i think has happened,
9:18 pm
tell me if i'm wrong. i think conservatives have won the argument on health care. they forced it down our throat any way. they are winning the argument on the size, scope and influence of government. now the reaction is to now lash out at the messengers that are saying, we could do better with limited government, lower taxes and a strong national defense. and this, you know propaganda campaign -- what do you think the net result is, work, backfire? >> sure that's all they have left now. they use pejorative terms, hateful terms against those carrying the message they are attacking conservative talk radio, conservative tv or interit in sites, let's face it what is the obama administration doing? advocating net neutrality which is censorship of the internet is the obama administration advocating censorship of the internet. why? they want to silence the voices that are opposing them. despite the fact they continue to have much of the mainstream media still providing cover
9:19 pm
for all of these dramatic efforts that the obama administration is taking. they are very specifically and pointedly going after voices that they see are effectively telling the truth about what the obama administration is trying to do. the american people don't like it very much. >> sean: i think the narrative that the president is not the moderate that he ran as, is far more radical has taken hold and that is irritating to them. congresswoman good to see you as always, thank you for being with us. much who are hannity coming up, straight ahead. -- much who are hannityy coming up, straight ahead. >> i need you to be excited, as excited as the tea party people are! will you help me? >> sean: democrats attempt to ignite their own tea party movement. >> >> sean: colonel alan west has
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a message for the san francisco speaker. plus a new book reveals the truth about the cap and tax bill and how it could bankrupt america. hannity continues straight ahead. [ female announcer ] it's red lobster's festival of shrimp... a chance to get everyone together for a night where everyone gets just what they want. combine two or three favorites, from new creations like crab-stuffed shrimp and pecan-crusted shrimp to classics like decadent shrimp scampi.
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>> sean: we've been hearing for years from barack obama that he would be the one to restore confidence in government. the results are in and things are not exactly going as planned. a new pew research center poll shows only 22% of americans say they trust the government an overwhelming 76% trust the government only sometimes or not at all. by comparison the average level of confidence in the government during the bush administration was 37%. which was the most trusted administration since the reagan years when 42% sided with their government. only 33% of democrats say they
9:25 pm
trust the government. looks like the anointed one and his party have some work to do before the november elections. california senator barbara boxer is in a tough reelection fight. from the looks of it she getting desperate. look at what she told her supporters over the weekend. >> i need you to be excite. as excited as the tea party people are. will you help me? will you get sighted? >> sean: get excited! who knew the democrats thought so highly of the tea party movement. even her views appear to have changed because she didn't seem to think too much of the tea party movement last year this is what she told, i have a thrill up my leg chris matthews. >> i saw some of the clips. people storming these town hall meetings. last time i saw well dressed people doing this when al gore asked me to go to florida when they were recounting the ballots this is organized go up on the website you have to look at what is going on here
9:26 pm
this is all planned. >> sean: how quickly things change. we can only hope this is one of the last things we hear from senator boxer before me is probably defeated in november. >> the democrats' health care bill may not take effect for a few years but it is clear it is a disaster making. according to the "new york times" not even medical professionals have a clue of what is in the bill. the president of the american academy of family physicians told the times not only is the public confused so are our members. the doctors are wasting a lot of time thanks to the democrats disastrous bill. one doctor said we've had to add an hour or two to our day because patients want to talk about the bill. i see 30 to 50 patients in a way it is a -- in a day it is a subject of conversation more than half the time. thank you democrats. i can tell how much quality of our health care will be improving in the coming years the president may not be setting records for restoring
9:27 pm
trust in government any time soon. but he's been able to put his name in the history books for other reasons this weekend marked the 32nd he has stepped on to the golf course as president. after a year in office he has already played eight more rounds of golf than george w. bush played during his entire eight years. the president was scheduled to travel to the funeral of the polish president because of the volcano in iceland he had to scrap his plans. glad he was able to find something constructive to do with all that tree time. what about creating jobs. former president racks up thousands in late fees at a new york library. ♪
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>> sean: the oldest library in new york says one hand has accrued 220 years of late fees. george washington. the library discovered a ledger that says he checked out two books that were never returned both due back november 2nd, 1789. he could be responsible for more than 80,000 days of late fees. luckily the library says doesn't want the money, wants the book back. good luck. or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile?
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>> sean: under the cloak of environment -- environmentalism the obama administration pursuing the so-called green agenda in history he has surrounded himself with controversial activists of home were never confirmed by the the. -- of whom were never confirmed by the u.s. senate. van jones installed as the white house green jobs czar. although the administration was always aware of his radical views he only ousted after programs shined the spotlight on his past. another czar who continues to have the president's ear is john holdren. skirting the senate confirmation process is climate czar carol browner. her associations and extensive works in the environmental industry make her a walking conflict of interest at highest level of the government.
9:33 pm
this is only part of the left wing dreamteam formed in order to ram through bills like cap and tax. my next guest outlines this and more in his new book called "power grab" "new york times" best selling author chris horner. steal your freedom and bankrupt america. how? >> well, by moving decisions from individuals. producers and consumers to the state. what you can drive, fuel mix what you can use, how much you can use of it. we use the word rationing. cap and trade, the cap is a rationing scheme, an energy rationing scheme. under which they give the first two years allowances ration coupons and sell them. the president said his objective was to cause
9:34 pm
electricity rates to necessary skyrocket. >> sean: he said that the coal mining industry. >> they are back filling. >> sean: what is the point? is the point -- is this predicatedthon idea that capitalists are evil, bad people that want to rape and pillage the planet because they want to make a profit? is the foundation? or socialism or redistribution? with all our stud what i have you concluded? >> there's not a universal know for. it comes down to with you we are. we begin on a of agreement the global warming agenda is not about the climate. we know because nothing proposed would impact the climate. ask every elected representative you see what will the temperature be after cap and tax? the answer, whatever it was going to be.
9:35 pm
>> sean: volcanic ash and cloud that is preventing air travel all over the world. compare that to what cap and trade would do for the environment, it is not even close, correct? >> natural processes, certainly volcanoes over history of time dwarf man's contribution. this isn't about climate, it is about power. i quote the president, browner, jones, organized labor. did you know organized labor has a spokesman who said cap and trade and green jobs an economic restructuring bill for the global economy and we shouldn't pretend that it isn't many okay. >> sean: so this is about distributing policy. a social agenda. this is about -- this is really not about anything to do with the environment, but about capitalism is bad, socialism, redistribution, to each according to his need from each according to his
9:36 pm
ability is good? >> that is always the objective, it never changes. the only thing that changes the vehicle. what is the latest excuse for their gel of organizing society? in liberty and tyranny, he points out since 1988 elected members from the left have been saying even if it is not true we have to ride this issue because our agenda is right. read the president's state of the union address he said the same thing. issue isn't the issue. >> sean: you talk about the energy crisis in the country and the world is manufactured. then you outline something that we have talked about on this program. unelected, unaccountable, not confirmed by the senate, radicals that have been appointed by the president. i talked about van jones, holdren, jennings and browner and some of these people. explain how radical they are? >> carol browner gave an interview to u.s. news this has not been picked up and carry. she said our objective is to
9:37 pm
get to the point where an electric company she said, will be able to, she means has to, hold back some power so you can still cool your house not to the level you want to, but to the level we think is appropriate. she sells it as a savings to the consumer. because the poor dears can't navigate. it is about power. your lifestyle is what they object to. there is too many of you using too much stuff having too many babies. >> sean: i have been attacked because i quoted holdren science czar who supports this compulsory population control idea. you have a quote in your book rate of growth material consumption is going to have to come down there's going to have to be a degree of redistribution of how much we consume in terms of energy and material resources. that sounds like it is straight out of karl marx's
9:38 pm
handbook. >> to force us off the energy sources that work windmills, solar panels and pixie dust can't did the job. we have to use much less energy so others can. we can swap out what works with the windmills and so on isn't true it is energy rationing. >> sean: i was reading your book. i did a lot of research in my book. all these radicals have been appointed. i have been saying that i think barack obama is the most radical president in american history in the beginning people laughed. now seems the polls show the american people understand he's not the moderate he ran as. how did all of this happen and nobody paid attention? where is the media in this country? >> they didn't pick up what i think would be damning and fatal admissions to anyone's campaign. i want to cause your electricity ray raitts to skyrocket. i will bankrupt favored
9:39 pm
industries. i have a treasury department document, written within a week after his election. they think cap and trade, energy rationing, would raise up to 400 billion dollars per year it won't cost anything almost by four times the biggest tax increase in our history, all pain, no gain. it is not about the climate. >> sean: we are character rided as being against the environment. i want to drill, i want new refineries, i want nuclear power and be good stewards of the gifts god gave us. but you don't fall into the trip. >> this isn't about -- >> sean: the advancement of the human condition is a good thing. >> if you want to know what energy poverty looks like, look at -- that's the objective. when the state controls power they control the lot. >> sean: good luck with the book. time to check in with greta. where are the blue cards?
9:40 pm
>> greta: red tonight. i have everything written down. if you think the health care war was ugly, get ready for another one senator judd gregg is here to tell you about that the volcano, you think it is a problem for europe? the problem has now become our problem. ambassador done is here about a secret member -- bolton is mere about a secret member knee has been leaked. star jenna elfman is here. >> sean: i will be watching. we'll see greta. when we come back our great, great, american panel. beck in the house. kleinfeld
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. >> sean: tonight on our american panel former deputy is's tapbts bob beckel. editor at daily caller fox news contributor tucker carlson. she's the ceo and president of the truman national security project rachel kleinfeld is with us tonight. tea party, now we hear bill clinton comparisons tim mcveigh here's barack obama mocking tea party members. >> the president: i've been a hail mused over the last couple of days where people -- i've been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. you would think they would be saying thank you. >> sean: we are going to see our top rates go up 5.4% sur charge. 25% increase in medicare taxes. floating a vat tax and health
9:46 pm
care taxes on top of that thank you mr. president for taking whatever change we have. >> you shouldn't thank him because you have to pay that because you are rich. >> sean: who are you calling rich? >> i would say you are probably well off, if you need a loan i would be happy to help you. most of those tea party people are all going to be getting tax cuts. they should be saying thank you. >> sean: when the bush tax cuts expire, helped family of four making $40,000 a year. >> they keep those. >> sean: no, their taxes are going up as of the end of the year. >> flat out wrong. >> you have to be a profoundly arrogant man to say something like that the president just said on the tape you just rolled. he meant it as a joke. but he also meant it, i think sincerely. the idea that you can raise tax money from people you have never met which is the obama pitch, we are going to raise tack on people you will never
9:47 pm
encounter, you are fine we are going to soak them, it's a lie. who do you think creates jobs? poor people? no. rich people. that will trickle down and hurt the country it always does. >> sean: bill clinton advanced it, the latest one that the tea party movement insid area rhetoric by the right, et cetera, talk radio and s like myself somehow -- and hosts like myself we are advocates of domestic terrorism like tim mcveigh. >> they are angry i get it we all just handed over a big chunk of change to the government last week. we are the greatest country on earth. you want to stay the greatest country on earth? you got to pay something. india out performing us in math. you have to pay if you want to be a member of the greatest country in the world. >> sean: at what point do you say of somebody's is too much? >> right now we have one of the lowest marginal tax rates on earth.
9:48 pm
let 'em move and try to find a country that pay lower taxes. >> by the way congratulations under this administration the two top al-qaeda and iraq both killed this weekend watch again, -- once again proving the obama war on terrorism is doing well. one of the things you are missing the lie is, these people are going to have their taxes increased, they are not. you are flat wrong about that [ talking over each other ] >> i'm so glad you admit that. >> that's repull sieve, i have a father, -- that's repulsive. i have a father. no way you going to close the deficit, pay down the debt just taxing the top 2%. >> you have to adjust entitlement programs. >> sean: that's not going to happen. >> so what's going to happen?
9:49 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> sean: just gave us the largest expansion of government without any way to pay with nationalized health care. >> that saves everybody $1,000 a year. >> sean: medicare came in nine times higher than what the cbo projected. 2.4 trillion to start. do you like the post office? do you like the dmv? social security is broke. why do you believe the government is going to run health care effectively? >> what i think so fun is the tea partiers >> sean: i didn't ask thank you. >> that's what i'm answer. they are protesting the government who is taking care of them? the police, the fire department watching out for them. >> sean: answer this question, social security in the red, medicare about to be bankrupt. why do you have confidence that the government can run health care when canada can't afford it, great britain can't afford it -- >> the government doesn't run health care. you have a privatized system
9:50 pm
of health care. >> stand unequivocally you want to do away with medicare and most social security. why don't you say it? >> unfortunately, they don't. >> unfortunately, most republicans in positions of elected authority are unwilling to look in the camera and say we have to pull back on [ talking over each other ] >> sean: there's some truth to what tucker is saying. all one big funnel where you get sucked into the system. >> the tea party people to tell me what they want to cut. >> sean: will you condemn the rhetoric of your side, bill clinton trying to cam pair members of the tea party to tim mcveigh? >> i think some of the fringe elements of the tea party are with guns in state parks tonight and i think -- i don't think the tea party itself is, but the fringe elements are dangerous, racist and they carry guns and that combination bothers me. >> sean: the same president
9:51 pm
obama that hung out with bill ayers, the same bill clinton that released guys making bomb bombs for faln. we have video of guys making bombs and he pardoned them, bob. >> you have video of bill clinton making a bomb? >> sean: video faln members making bombs and got pardoned by bill clinton. >> i don't understand why we are talking about bill clinton? >> sean: because he's accusing the entire tea party movement -- more on the panel. ♪ [ male announcer ] experience fast in all its forms. the is line. at your lexus dealer.
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. we saw alan west, in orlando at the villages. he's got another youtube sensation that has gone viral.
9:56 pm
this is for beckel, in hahn who are of beckel. >> been called uncle tom, token, oreo, been called a sell-out. they've called me everything but my name. and on the 3rd of november, i'll have a plan. so when i hit the desk on january of 2011 and i'm the guy that going to walk up to nancy pelosi and i'm going so say one simple thing to nancy pelosi, give me that damn gavel! >> ge, w what a tough, tough guy. yeah i'm sure he's going to get a gavel from nancy pelosi. that went viral? it went viral in a lot of places i could think of in georgia and the panhandle of florida. give me a break.
9:57 pm
is this supposed to be a tough talking guy, you think this is good? >> sean: you are missing the point. she's not going to be speaker. >> i love this, -- [ talking over each other ] >> you guys shouldn't be talking about campaigning you have never been involved, you may have been at a fundraiser at the country club. >> sean: why are you so hostile tonight? >> this guy has not yet got elected. he's not getting elected. >> he got his 15 minutes. sean is giving it to him. >> i would not be surprised if democrats go after colonel west on the grounds he's inciting violence. you saw the former president today attempt to squelch speech by relating it or equating it with -- shut up you're dangerous. [ talking over each other ]
9:58 pm
>> sean: everybody on this panel, every conservative i know wants every elected politician in this country to be safe and secure and attack and assault any act of violence against any politician is an act again the people and citizens of the united states. we cannot go down this road where if we have genuine sincere political disagreement that is being branded as hate speech and insightful when everybody condemns it, you know it and i know it. >> i would like to see some of the conservatives then stand up and talk out against this militia and all militias. >> sean: you bring a knife and i'll bring a gun. if i said that would you be mad at me? >> sure. >> sean: obama said it. >> of course i would be mad. >> sean: if change out with a guy who bombed the pentagon you wouldn't be friends with me either. >> you can't yell fire in a crowded theater and can't say whatever you want in politics. words have consequences.
9:59 pm
>> sean: what has any prominent conservative said is any way reflective after attempt of violence give mae example? >> lock and load is an example. >> sean: bring a knife i'll bring a gun is what obama say. politics is -- >> politics is full of marshal illusions. >> marshal illusions? >> yeah, references to war metaphors of politics. let's be real. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: silence and intimidate democrats don't like the fact they've lost the debate, people rightly so -- >> why are we talking about the republicans lining up with the bankers. 150 years they've sat in bed with the bankers and don't know how to get the prostitutes out of the bed. >> sean: who financial

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